Important Filing Deadlines

March 1st - Last day to contribute to RRSP's (60th day of the year or if on a weekend the first Monday of March)

Personal Tax
April 30th - Personal tax returns (employees not business)
April 30th - Tax payments due for all individuals including business owners
June 15th - Personal tax returns for proprietors
June 30th - Tax return filing deadline for non-residents

Corporate Tax
Corporate Tax Payment - 2 or 3 months after year end
Filing Corporate Tax Return - 6 months after year end

Business Remittances
Payroll Remittances - 15th of every month
T4 Summary and Slips - Last day of February
PST Remittances - last day of the month following end of the reporting period
WCB - First week of March (March 5, 2009 for 2008 Calendar year)
GST - Your due date will be printed on your GST return provided by CRA
Monthly or Quarterly filers, payment and report due one month from reporting date.
Annual Reporting - usually due 3 months after year end. For proprietors the GST return is due June 15. However, you have to remit your net GST amount owing by April 30.